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Welcome to Lions Taekwondo Academy!

We specialize in Traditional & Olympic style Taekwondo, Hapkido and Self-Defense classes. We work with ages 3 years old and up at all levels.

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Why Lion’s Taekwondo Academy?

Benefits & Outcomes

Why Lion’s Taekwondo Academy?

Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Academy

This is a great martial arts academy. They focus on  discipline and core principles of TKD. They even have some Olympians on staff. Our family has gone through their program for the last year and they have had a blast . During covid they also offered zoom classes to make sure the kids stayed in shape and on top of their skills. Everyone on staff is courteous, humble, respectful, and are ambassadors to their art. Thanks again!

Their new facilities are amazing .

Jerome A. , Lions Taekwondo

Absolutely amazing, The instructors are rich in tradition and really care about the kids and parents. I don’t have any family or much friends here so we all are gonna do something to make him special for his birthday. Also most of the instructors know multiple languages the master instructor knows 7. His sister who is also a head instructor knows five. So all Languages are welcome. It’s not all fun in games either. Some of the older  kids where rank in the top five in the country before the big c showed it’s ugly face. My son is five so it’s a bit different. I Recommend lions taekwondo academy to everyone.

Chris S., Lions Taekwondo

Lions taekwondo is an amazing martial arts academy. The level of professionalism is to a whole new level and staff treat kids with the upmost respect. This place treats everyone as a family and they care a lot about the satisfaction of those attending the facility. Master Edward and his staff do a remarkable job. If you’re looking for your kids to participate in any extracurricular activities this is definitely the place! They offer tutoring for children and much more activities. Team lions all the way !!! Amazing kind hearted people

Lions Taekwondo Academy is a great martial art school that teaches traditional core values and provides a family oriented environment for children and adults to learn the sport and art of Taekwondo. Their facility is great one stop shop for children to be active, learn, and become a role model for others in our society. If your looking for a place to learn martial arts as a hobby or become a Taekwondo Athlete, Lions Taekwondo Academy is one of the few places to go in.

Their staff are at an international level when it comes to providing instructions which gives athletes (or athletes to be for new comers) a strong foundation in one day becoming a State, National, or International Champion.

Their masters and instructors are passionate and put their students’ best interests in mind. They are knowledgeable in the sport of Taekwondo and stays up to date with what needs to be known.

Reymoore S., Lions Taekwondo

My son has been coming to Lions since 2019. He had just turned 3 at the time and we were looking to try something new. At first, my son was too shy to join the group classes so we started with one on one lessons with Bella and later on matter Ed. He became stronger, gained confidence, and opened up his social circle. Flash forward 3 years, we are still going strong. Attending group classes and helping lead them too! A big improvement and a happy young man! We love our lions family!

Roi Abarbanel, Lions Taekwondo

My son is attending Lions Taekwondo Academy more than 1 year. We started from 3 classes a week and now we are coming almost every day here. During this year he could achieve a lot of goals such as improvement in physical activities and Taekwondo skills. This place gave him a lot of friends and we are excited about that. He could earn 5 ranks and get his Advanced Green Belt. Thank you Master Edward!

Olga Kolisnichenko, Lions Taekwondo

My daughter loves learning here at Lions. Great location, free parking and amazing instructors. The monthly price is reasonable. They have a variety of programs available for all ages too.

Mimi Lopez, Lions Taekwondo

This is my kiddos’ Taekwondo temple. No joke! We accidentally stopped by Lions Academy last year, and never look back to find another place where kids can learn martial arts, build their self-confidence, strength, social skills, etc. My twin girls have started taking two classes per week, but sooner asked me to add another two classes to their weekly schedule. They’re obsessed with their Taekwondo fam.

And furthermore, Lions’ instructors are completely devoted to show kids that Taekwondo isn’t just another fun class but the real journey toward self-improvement of mind and body.

Lena Lena, Lions Taekwondo

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