Master Edward Warzhapetian

Master Edward




Master Edward began practicing Tae Dwon Do at the age of 11.  He earned his first black belt in a year and a half, having shown extreme determination and a gift for the sport. At the age of 14 Master Edward was invited to the Junior National team because of his success in tournaments. He competed all over Europe and trained with some of the top Tae Kwon Do fighters in the world.

​After coming to the United States, Master Edward wanted to pass on his knowledge to a new generation. In 2003 he started teaching with Grand Master Byun; helping the school grow significantly and introducing Lion’s Taekwondo to national and international caliber tournaments. In 2007 Master Edward opened his school with the help of Grand Master Byun and Margo (Master Edward’s sister). In 2009, Master Edward opened a new school in Sherman Oaks California and in 2015 moved it to a much larger location. With hard work and team work, Master Edward has been able to coach several National and State Champions.

Master Edward has also been recognized by the World Tae Kwon Do Federation (WTF) for the development and popularization of Tae Kwon Do.



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