• 01 How much does it cost to enroll?

    The price to enroll one student depends on what you would like to include in your contract. We offer a wide range of contract options which can be personalized to each personal customer. Length of contract, amount of classes per week, private classes, and sparring will all play a role in determining the price. Feel free to contact our manager by calling the studio or drop by and take advantage of your free week of classes!

  • 02 How much is it if I enroll multiple people?

    If you enroll more than one person you will get a discount on the monthly payment but the cost is again determined on the amount of classes per week, private classes, and sparring you choose in your contract.

  • 03 Can I pay in cash?

    Since you are required to make your first month’s payment with us, you are allowed to pay with cash but you will then be placed into a billing system from that point forward. You can then pay by getting a statement in the mail, having it directly withdrawn from your bank account, or by credit card.

  • 04 What will I need to have with me upon signing up?

    We require a first month’s payment in cash, check, or credit card. We also require a drivers license / I.D. number or social security number. You will need to keep an emergency contact in mind.

  • 05 How long will it take for me to get my black belt?

    Earning a black belt is quite the achievement and serves as proof that you have gained the skills necessary to wear that color. The black belt can takes years to earn because we want to make sure our black belts are the best black belts.

  • 06 How often are the belt tests?

    The belt tests take place every 4 months and each student requies Master Edwards approval to test. You may not be allowed to test if you lack discipline or the skills necessary to move on.

  • 07 How much do the uniforms cost?

    The uniforms are $55.00 if you sign up for a one month contract. If you sign up for a 3 month, 6 month, or year long contract then the uniform is included at no aditionaly cost.

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